Hightstown, NJ

"I had my daughter and now my son enrolled at the Learning Tree and have loved every single second! Not only is the staff exceptional, but the kids come home excited to go back! In a perfect world, I could have my kids at the Learning Tree for many years to come, but unfortunately it only goes to Kindergarten...Don't hesitate to enroll your child here...you won't regret it!"

--Daria T.

Our best references come from current and former families. We encourage you to talk with your neighbors & friends who have sent their children to our school.

"The Explorers program offered a place where my son could expand his curiosity in science, social studies, and the world around him. The experiences that the Explorers class provides are age appropriate, vocabulary building, and most of all fun! The opportunities in literacy are a perfect complement to pre-kindergarten. Activities such as the students writing and illustrating a class story, allows them to see, at such a young age, that they can be authors and illustrators. This is so important to seeing themselves as lifelong readers and writers. I am so thankful for the experience my son had to explore the world in a safe and caring environment with the most amazing teachers at The Learning Tree. I highly recommend sending your child as enrichment to his/her pre-kindergarten program."

--Vicki S.

Parent Reviews & Testimonials

"My husband and I moved to Hightstown, NJ in the summer of 2000 when I was six months pregnant with our first child. Shortly after moving into our home and settling into our new area, one of the first pieces of advice that I seemed to receive from everyone in the area (and the MOMS Club) was to quickly enroll my child in The Learning Tree Nursery School! What a wonderful and important piece of advice that was! We enrolled our first child at the age of two and a half, then our second child at the same age and lastly, our son will enter his last year year at The Learning Tree Nursery School for the next academic year. Our family will have spent nine great years at The Learning Tree!

Our family has enjoyed the flexibility and availability of the staff, how loving and nurturing an environment that is provided to the students, as well as the creativity and wealth of programs and activities that all the students at The Learning Tree are exposed to. As a high school teacher, I realize how important a child's first years of schooling are and I believe that students receive not only an excellent educational foundation at The Learning Tree, but also a social foundation as well. We have had the pleasure of working with all the teachers at The Learning Tree over the years and we have been thrilled with all of them; all of the teachers at this school seem to have been born to be preschool teachers!

We love this school so much that over the years when we have been deciding on whether or not to move from the area, one of the overriding reasons for staying has been that we wanted all of our three children to have the experience of being at The Learning Tree for three years! I always make sure to pass on the advice given to us to enroll children in The Learning Tree. We highly recommend this school and feel that we have been blessed to be a part of The Learning Tree family for these nine years!"

--Megan P.

"This school is staffed by a wonderful group of teachers who have each child's best interest at heart. The director is constantly researching and implementing best practices in this facility. The school has been around for almost 40 years and has a following of families that highly recommend it. I cannot say enough about the school and all they do for each child and family they come in contact with!"

--Danielle S.